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I was lucky to be involved in some feature films in LA and Indie films in Phoenix. I got to play the bad guy. I have done voice-over, radio commercials, and standup comedy magic. I represented the USA alongside nine other countries in the Night of Magic in Bogota, Colombia performing before dignitaries, ambassadors and their families. I had a friend who murdered her six-year-old son and I did a case study of the tragedy. Respected expert, Dr.

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Book Bub did a promotion on it and 14, books went out in a day. I also know what the CocaCola recipe is. His subject was a friend of his who murdered her six-year-old son. The research took four years to complete, which included time spent in the correctional facility where Julie was incarcerated. NoiseTrade is a user-generated platform where fans can trade their email addresses for free music and books. All content is provided by users and does not indicate an endorsement from the Paste editorial staff.

Create an artist or author account from a desktop or laptop to upload your own content and connect to new fans today. Share Tweet Submit Pin. Embed Book. Connect with the Author Official Website. So, they sent her home early to rest. That evening at home, she received a phone call from the ophthalmologist; the nursing supervisor had contacted him.

Seeing World War II through her mother's eyes

After my Mom described her symptoms, he told her to come to his office first thing Monday morning. After the exam, he sent her back to his office and got my grandmother from the waiting room. Then he told my mother that she had a tumor in the back of her eye. She had the presence of mind to ask the doctor if it was malignant. I was just too stunned.

23andMe Confirmed My Mother's Suspicions - The Atlantic

I immediately started to wonder if I was going to die. Within a week, Mom was admitted to the hospital for four days of tests and scans. One of the tests she remembers most vividly was called a radioactive phosphorous P32 uptake test. She was injected with a radioactive dye and then monitored for 48 hours, while the dye traveled through her body. If cancer was present, the radioactive phosphorous would attach itself to the cancer cells. If my Mom had been diagnosed today, the testing to confirm ocular melanoma would be very different.

Today, doctors use clinical examination, optical coherence tomography OCT and high-resolution ultrasounds to scan the tumors and make a diagnosis. As for my mom and her uptake test back in all the dye had traveled to her eye, which confirmed that the tumor was cancerous. But the tumor was beginning to grow and touch the optic nerve, which is what caused the flashing lights and dizziness.

A Holocaust Memoir Across Generations

The doctors at the Harkness Institute asked Mom many questions about her past to find out how far back symptoms may have gone. She had lost consciousness several times after even just light hits on the head — once after being hit with a snowball.

She had also passed out at three high school dances, each time when strobe lights were turned on. The doctors deduced that she had always had a mole in the back of her eye, but some sort of trauma had likely triggered it to turn into a cancerous tumor. It was the s, and she hated her pale legs then as much as I would in the s. Each time, she held out hope that the inevitable sunburn would turn into a tan.

But it never did, so she bought a UV-emitting sunlamp from her local drugstore. She clipped the lamp to the desk in her bedroom and moved around so the light would hit her legs, arms, chest and face. Though she kept the lamp for years, she never used it again. Another factor to consider: Unlike your skin, your eyes can filter out UV light.

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Most ocular melanomas begin in the middle of the eye in a layer called the uvea. Both the cornea and lens protect the uvea and the light-sensitive retina by blocking 99 percent of UV radiation.

My Three Grandfathers

He told her that the treatment was relatively simple: She would need to have an enucleation — the removal of her left eye. If the cancer had spread, she would have needed more extensive surgery to remove muscles or bone surrounding the eye, as well as chemotherapy.

Relatively speaking, she was lucky. The doctor told Mom that the surgery could be done at the Institute, or she could have it done at the hospital in Beacon where she worked. She wanted to be near her friends and family, so she elected to have Dr. Dahl, her ophthalmologist back home, do the surgery for her. Her surgery was scheduled for March 16, a week before what would have been her first appointment with Dr.

As predicted, the surgery went well. Mom spent five days in the hospital, though these days enucleation is typically an outpatient procedure. She remembers a bit of dizziness for the first day or two, and headaches that went away within a week.

The hardest part was adjusting to monocular single eye vision.