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Having said that, I find that the best commentaries make me feel that I need to go and read the book all over again.

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  • The Warden - Chronicles of Barsetshire, Book 1.
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Chronicles of Barsetshire Series Audiobooks |

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Barchester Chronicles (4 of 7)

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The Warden - Chronicles of Barsetshire, Book 1

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  5. Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblthwaite. A sad little story, about as near to a tragedy as Trollope comes. Sir Harry Hotspur is a wealthy land owner. He had a son, of whom he was very proud, and a daughter, Emily, who was bright and obedient. Sir Harry was happy that the future of the Hotspur name was secure, knowing that his lands and fortune and the title would be passed down to his son. The sudden death of this son upset all his plans. The law said that he could leave his estate to his daughter, but the title had to go to the next legal Hotspur, one George Hotspur, a distant cousin, a man of great personal charm but a spendthrift, a gambler and a card cheat.

    When George and Emily meet she falls for his charm, and is convinced that she can win him away from his disreputable life to become suitable husband material.

    The Warden (Chronicles of Barsetshire, Book 1)

    Her father is set against any such idea, and tries to find a suitor more to his own taste, who would take the Hotspur name upon marriage, but Emily will not comply George continues his courtship of Emily, convincing her that he loves her and that only she can save him from his disreputable life.

    Her father is determined to prove George totally unworthy. Can You Forgive Her? Palliser novels. The common thread of the series is the wealthy aristocrat and politician Plantagenet Palliser and in all but the last book his wife Lady Glencora. The plots involve British and Irish politics in varying degrees, specifically in and around Parliament.

    The Pallisers do not always play a major role; in The Eustace Diamonds the third novel they only comment on the main action. It then comes to wider notice when the cause is taken up by a national newspaper.

    ISBN 13: 9780786178506

    It concerns the story of Mr. A quiet, unassuming man who loves nothing more than his daughter, his music, and his violincello. His life is seriously disrupted by a zealous young man who sees a disparity between the monies paid out to the Warden and the monies paid out to the 12 bedesmen that live in the hospital of Barchester Cathedral as charity cases, according to Hiram's Will. Barchester Towers , Trollope's most popular novel, is the second of the six Chronicles of Barsetshire. Barchester Towers is the second of six in the series known as Chronicles of Barsetshire.

    Harding and his daughter Eleanor. It chronicles the struggle for control of the English diocese of Barchester after one Bishop dies and a new one is selected. The rather incompetent new Bishop, Dr. Proudie, led by his formidable wife, and ambitious chaplain, Mr. Slope, begin to create turmoil with their desire to shake up the church establishment.

    This magnificent novel, sequel to The Warden and second in the Chronicles of Barsetshire, satirizes the struggle for ascendancy among the clergy of a cathedral city.

    The contest is between the outgoing church authorities led by Archdeacon Grantly and the newcomers led by Mrs. Obadiah Slope. Each wishes to become the dominant voice in the quiet diocese of Barchester, and they contend for the newly vacant post of warden of Hiram's Hospital.

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    Barchester Towers, the sequel to The Warden, is the second novel in Trollope's major series, the Chronicles of Barsetshire. It focuses on the power struggle between Archdeacon Grantly, Mr. Slope and the Proudies as they fight for control of the diocese of Barchester.

    Meanwhile, another struggle is taking place for the heart of Eleanor Bold. Who will win her? The vile Mr. Slope, the idling Bertie Stanhope or someone else entirely? Next, a rather shocking warning: Trollope may be as addictive as a soap opera. Doctor Thorne is the third audiobook in Anthony Trollope's series known as the Chronicles of Barsetshire.