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His compelling writing style has earned him a toehold among young black writers commanding national attention.

People with untreated mental illness are 16 times more likely to be killed during a police encounter than other civilians approached by law enforcement. Today, we talk about how training can help police recognize the signs of mental illness and de-escalate tense situations. We speak to retired Major Sam Cochran , who founded a crisis intervention model that addresses the special challenges to law enforcement posed by persons with mental illness.

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And we hear from Lt. Father Daniel Berrigan - poet, pacifist, and Jesuit priest - passed away last month in New York at age A member of the Catonsville Nine, Berrigan gained notoriety for destroying draft cards during the Vietnam War.

How did his activism shape the anti-war movement of the s and 70s? What motivated Berrigan to continue when critics dismissed the impact of non-violent protest? The legacy of Father Daniel Berrigan.

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It was the need to get his story out that led him to start writing and eventually to graduate with degrees in writing. When he gave up selling drugs, there is no question that Watkins took a pay cut. And I know how to survive.

The Cook Up Convo (Part 1): Another Level

Watkins now makes a living as a writer. He was an Adjunct Professor at Coppin State. He now teaches at Baltimore State and also teaches a class at Johns Hopkins.

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  5. His writing and the discussion of his life experience are timely when the headlines are full of violence against young black men. Watkins says he is working with educators in the Baltimore schools to make the book required reading for high school students in Baltimore and hopefully around the country. Even though it's his reality, he hopes his story is also a cautionary tale.

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    This is his second book. Watkins' writing in both books and his columns for Salon , is raw and close to the surface of his experiences. He pulls no punches when he talks about the life he has led and feels that it is important to keep it real in his writing. I wanted to be honest about who I was back then.