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    Tyler Mayfield provides a summary and chapter outline of each biblical book so as to facilitate quick comprehension of its fundamental story and subject. This book can be used alone to aid readers in their knowledge of the Bible and is great for beginners or those in need of a refresher course. One of the members asked if Joseph was related to Abraham and quickly another group member said he was not. I gently corrected her and seizing a teachable moment, I invited the group to trace the lineage between Abraham and Joseph and discovered most could not.

    What occurred to me was that while these adults, most of whom had been born and raised in the church, could tell stories about particular individuals in the Bible, they did not have an understanding of the overall story of the Bible and how the particular individuals related to one another.

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    This is a treasure. It is no secret that many church members feel inadequate about their knowledge of the Bible. The truth is that many pastors feel the same way. In a remarkably accessible style, Professor Mayfield gives the reader a cogent overview of the whole of scripture as well as each individual book.