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That butler is RSS.

RSS will save you time and make your Web surfing much more efficient. RSS feeds include headlines, abstracts and other information. And you can count on that number to grow, as more sites add feeds.

There are three types of RSS readers: stand-alone programs, plug-in software and Web-based readers. Once you choose an RSS reader, you need to add the feeds you want.

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Atom is another XML-based feed format some sites use. Send in any suggestions you have of RSS feeds useful to journalists and I may share them in a future column and add them to this collection of RSS feeds for journalists.

The Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins for Syndicating External Content - WPKube

And if you have any other thoughts or advice about RSS feeds, please post them here. Home RSS for Journalists. If you are using a platform such as WordPress, the platform will provide this location for you. If your website was example. Create at least one podcast episode.

Syndicating Web Sites with RSS Feeds For Dummies

If you are using WordPress, you will want to add the Blubrry PowerPress podcasting plugin to add podcasting support. A podcast episode in WordPress is nothing more than a blog post with a media file URL linked in the podcast episode box added to the post edit screen. It is required you have at least one episode, empty feeds cannot be submitted. Every few hours each podcast directory you submit to your RSS feed will reference your feed location to check for new content within the feed.

See a Problem?

The next time you create a new episode, your feed will be updated with your latest episode at the top. Typically within 24 hours the podcast directories to which you provided your feed location will see the new episode and update your listing.

Best RSS Feed Reader - Really Simple Syndication!

When a podcaster subscribes to your show on most directories, they are subscribing to your RSS feed. So while a directory may be slow to update. Your subscribers will typically have access to your new episode immediately.

What is an RSS or ATOM Site Feed?

For listeners subscribed via Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts are actually subscribed to your podcast rss feed. Subscribers using most podcast apps will then automatically get your latest episode downloaded to their device as soon as it is available from your site. Media files are referenced within each item podcast episode listed in the RSS feed. What happens to the media files depends on the feed reader, podcast directory or subscription service.