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G-Stat provides BIG DATA analytics services, consulting and proprietary software solutions for enterprise companies in various verticals such as financial, telecom, process industries, retail and more. G-Stat supports more than 30 large enterprises in the middle east and Europe.

The team has an extensive track record for improving operations, transforming businesses and building data monetization strategies for customers around the globe. The next step is to execute quick wins that have a multiplier-effect ROI.

Predictive Analytics

Leading companies leverage Big Data, analytics and technology to drive smarter, faster and more accurate decisions in every aspect of their business. We serve as strategic partner to our clients where we consult and deliver a wide range of analytics services for centralized analytics teams or individual business units. Foris was founded in with the goal of delivering optimization solutions to their customers based on artificial intelligence techniques. The team was formed by professionals in the mathematical, statistical analysis and software development.

Foris has focused exclusively on solutions for the education industry. Specifically has developed two products, the maintenance and continuous improvement are the only company to do today. This product allows early identification, through identifying patterns, students will drop out. In addition, the product allows you tomanage retention actions.

We achieve extraordinary business results by maintaining a clear line-of-sight between business objectives and the analytics and data management programs which support them. We work side-by-side with client teams to produce auditable results and lasting internal capabilities. FA have pioneered several best practices which we apply in our client engagements. Learn more about our best practices. EvoSys works with clients to identify areas of their organisations where intelligent Decision Support Systems DSS could best solve problems and create strategic value;.

EvoSys conducts an initial exploratory project phase in conjunction with our software engineering and knowledge engineering to:.

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Our DSSs software does not require pre-programmed human intelligence or expert systems to discover solutions. Nor does it rely on supercomputing power. Instead, it produces effective solutions in fast-time on ordinary desktop computers, resulting in the generation of novel solutions to some of the most challenging problems we face in real-world settings. We help you craft your project and within hours you receive competitive bids that provide 10x the savings over traditional consulting firms.

Exclusive Ore has successfully implemented solutions in a wide variety of industries including Telco, Retail, Finance, and Consumer Packaged Goods. The name should also bring to mind mining and the level of excellence that the founders strive to achieve. We hope you like our web site. We hope they will be useful. Our areas of expertise include predictive models for direct mail fundraising, mortgage, retail, insurance, marketing, text mining and financial applications. We have worked with corporations with tens of thousands of employees and companies with less than 20 employees.

We have very competitive rates and superior service. All of our projects are supervised or conducted by Ph. Our analysts have built models for over 30 Fortune companies. We offer end-to-end solutions which cover data collection through model deployment and monitoring. All of our projects involve calculations of return on investment ROI to insure that the efforts and expense involved in the modeling process will produce financially beneficial results. Equity Decision Systems was founded by two Ph. Our staff has experience in a diverse set of statistical applications and find that this diversity allows for knowledge gained in one industry to be applied to other industries.

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First, we figure out who you need to talk to, understand who they are, how they think and how to talk to them. Then, we create targeted messages and experiences that hit the right media, mindset and moment to convert them into customers. We engage customers with your brand and turn them into your most loyal fans, so great results become sustainable results. Epsilon is much more than a marketing agency. We start by mining demographic, behavioral and transactional data, to create the fullest possible picture of the people most likely to buy from you. Then we come up with a plan for how best to reach them.

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We use technology to capture, cleanse, enhance and consolidate all your information. Then we use it to connect with people when it matters most. Finally we use powerful creative messages, delivered via the right media to engage people with your brand online and offline. We continually measure response and refine our approach, to deliver better results from your marketing.

Most brands have several marketing agencies. But when you have a partner that can do everything necessary to achieve growth for your brand, you find that one is all you need.

Customer Retention Predictive Modeling in HealthCare Insurance Industry

And that one is Epsilon. Entopix is research consultancy specializing in Text Analytics, Text Mining and related areas of Natural Language Processing, an area of Artificial Intelligence specialising in the analysis of human language and text. Combined, our team has over 25 years of research experience. We excel in applying it in commercial settings and have worked with dozens of clients in the US, UK and New Zealand, including multi-nationals like Google and Cisco.

Alyona Medelyan has provided consulting services internationally ever since completing her PhD in Her key areas of expertise are keyword extraction, text categorisation and semantic search. Alyona has published over 20 research papers and journal articles in various AI and NLP venues, and she frequently speaks at tech conferences and trade shows.

Antti Puurula joined Entopix in His key research areas include text classification, text mining and probabilistic models. His specialities are rapid prototyping of proof-of-concept systems, and designing state-of-the-art analytics solutions. We are dedicated to helping industry leaders and technology challengers convert creative ideas into tangible value by providing unique and reliable software solutions for unparalleled business growth. We bridge the gap between complex predictive modeling and advanced analytic solutions to deliver real business value.

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Established in by data scientists Dr. Daniele Micci-Barreca and Dr. A generalized approach has to be used to improve the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of using data mining techniques. There are basically seven main Data Mining techniques which are discussed in this article. There are also a lot of other Data Mining techniques but these seven are considered more frequently used by business people.

Data mining techniques statistics is a branch of mathematics which relates to the collection and description of data. The statistical technique is not considered as a data mining technique by many analysts. But still, it helps to discover the patterns and build predictive models.

How does Text Analysis work?

For this reason, data analyst should possess some knowledge about the different statistical techniques. Statistics can help you to a greater extent to get answers for questions about their data like. It also helps in providing information about the data with ease. Through statistical reports, people can make smart decisions.

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There are different forms of statistics but the most important and useful technique is the collection and counting of data. There are a lot of ways to collect data like. Clustering analysis is the process of identifying data that are similar to each other. This will help to understand the differences and similarities between the data. This is sometimes called segmentation and helps the users to understand what is going on within the database. For example, an insurance company can group its customers based on their income, age, nature of policy and type of claims.

What is Big Data and how does it work?

The most popular clustering algorithm is the Nearest Neighbour. The nearest neighbor technique is very similar to clustering. It is a prediction technique where in order to predict what an estimated value is in one record look for records with similar estimated values in a historical database and use the prediction value from the record which is near to the unclassified record. This technique simply states that the objects which are closer to each other will have similar prediction values.

Through this method, you can easily predict the values of the nearest objects very easily. Nearest Neighbour is the easiest to use the technique because they work as per the thought of the people. They also work very well in terms of automation.