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For example, a flat plate 1 square metre in area will produce a radar cross section of about 1, square metres at a frequency of 3 GHz when viewed perpendicular to the surface. A cone-sphere an object resembling an ice-cream cone when viewed in the direction of the cone rather than the sphere could have a radar cross section of about 0. In theory, the radar cross section has little to do with the size of the cone or the cone angle.

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Thus, the flat plate and the cone-sphere can have radar cross sections that differ by a million to one even though their physical projected areas are the same. The sphere is an unusual target in that its radar cross section is the same as its physical cross-sectional area when its circumference is large compared with the radar wavelength. That is to say, a sphere with a projected area of 1 square metre has a radar cross section of 1 square metre. Commercial aircraft might have radar cross sections from about 10 to square metres, except when viewed broadside, where the cross sections are much larger.

Most air-traffic-control radars are required to detect aircraft with a radar cross section as low as 2 square metres, since some small general-aviation aircraft can be of this value.

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For comparison, the radar cross section of a man has been measured at microwave frequencies to be about 1 square metre. A bird can have a cross section of 0. Although this is a small value, a bird can be readily detected at ranges of several tens of kilometres by long-range radar. In general, many birds can be detected by radar, so special measures must usually be taken to ensure that their echoes do not interfere with the detection of desired targets.

The radar cross section of an aircraft and that of most other targets of practical interest fluctuate rapidly as the aspect of the target changes with respect to the radar unit. It would not be unusual for a slight change in aspect to cause the radar cross section to change by a factor of 10 to 1, Echoes from land, sea, rain, snow, hail, birds, insects, auroras, and meteors are of interest to those who observe and study the environment , but they are a nuisance to those who want to detect aircraft, ships, missiles, or other similar targets.

Clutter echoes can seriously limit the capability of a radar system; thus, a significant part of radar design is devoted to minimizing the effects of clutter without reducing the echoes from desired targets. The Doppler frequency shift is the usual means by which moving targets are distinguished from the clutter of stationary objects. Detection of targets in rain is less of a problem at the lower frequencies, since the radar echo from rain decreases rapidly with decreasing frequency and the average cross section of aircraft is relatively independent of frequency in the microwave region.

Because raindrops are more or less spherical symmetrical and aircraft are asymmetrical, the use of circular polarization can enhance the detection of aircraft in rain. With circular polarization, the electric field rotates at the radar frequency. Because of this, the electromagnetic energy reflected by the rain and the aircraft will be affected differently, which thereby makes it easier to distinguish between the two.

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In fair weather most radars use linear polarization; i. Article Media. Info Print Print. Max c is a pretty well-rounded detector for most people. It gives good performance while still doing a good job at filtering out false alerts. The more you drive with it, the quieter it gets. Cell phone integration also adds a lot.

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You can pair it with your phone via Bluetooth and run the app Escort Live Android and iOS to connect the detector to the cloud. This allows you to not only more easily change settings, but it can also share alerts in real-time with other drivers, giving you an additional layer of protection as drivers up ahead of you alert you to radar, laser, and police spotted alerts.

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Through the Cloud, the detector can also display the current speed limit right next to your current speed, a handy feature while driving. Sensitivity is essentially how well a radar detector actually picks up signals. The more sensitive a detector is, the better it detects signals, especially weak ones. Some detectors have better digital signal processing for signal rejection than others.

Buy a newer radar detector that is designed to filter out the various sources of false alerts. Keep your detector updated and use the various filtering options available to help it filter out non-police radar alerts. While we feature a lot of different radar detector options, our top pick for the best overall radar detector is the Uniden R7 for its advanced detection capabilities and extra features other detectors simply lack. Save some money with our top value pick, the Uniden DFR7. Best Overall. Check Latest Price.

Benefits of Radar Detectors Detect radar guns from afar. The main point of a radar detector is to detect the radar gun before it detects you. Drive safer. Beyond just driving safely to avoid speeding tickets, many radar detectors can also detect other common hazards and radar signal sources, making you pay more attention to your surroundings.

Red light camera and speed camera alerts. Using built-in GPS databases, many new radar detectors can also alert you to redlight cameras and speed cameras around town.

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Types of Radar Detectors Windshield Mount: Corded Corded radar detectors make it easy to supply power to the device anytime the car is on. Windshield Mount: Cordless Cordless radar detectors make it easier to install the device inside a vehicle without worrying about cord management. Custom Installed A few high-end radar detectors actually mount in the grill area via permanent installation. Key Features Radar Detection The main part of a radar detector is the actual detector.

False Alert Filtering False alerts are a common issue with radar detectors. Cities are filled with signal sources that can create false alerts. They are legal to use in most of the US, with a few exceptions. They are illegal in most Canadain provinces. Learn about radar detector laws. In certain areas, police officers use special radar detector detectors. Hardwiring : Radar detectors come with a power cable that plugs into your volt outlet.

This way, you have a much more stealthy and good looking install. Click Here to See Prices on Amazon Tips Keep in mind that a radar detector can potentially be a distraction while driving. Choose one with voice alerts and voice control to maintain eye contact with the road for the safest driving setup.


Keep your radar detector inside when not in use. Heat on hot summer days can damage the radar detector if left out for too long. Even in areas where radar detectors are legal, there may be extra laws that determine how and where you can mount it in your vehicle. In general, low mounting positions with suction cups on the dashboard are preferable. FAQs Q. What are sensitivity and selectivity?

Can police detector radar detectors? How can I reduce the number of false radar detections my detector picks up?

Final Thoughts While we feature a lot of different radar detector options, our top pick for the best overall radar detector is the Uniden R7 for its advanced detection capabilities and extra features other detectors simply lack. Slow charge your battery safely and prolong its life with our top picks for the best battery charger.