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Martin, with his finely honed, understated delivery, will have you laughing so hard that tears will flow down your face, your stomach will hurt, stitches will burst. In fact, give this to an enemy. Coen should soon gain notoriety for his short stories, which are astute, revealing and naughty.

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His writing is sharp and the humor inky black, but these are not intended for those easily offended or politically correct. They are, though, so wildly comic you should not listen while operating heavy machinery.

Steve Martin Reads Funny Memories from His Diary on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show — 1989

The stories include one about a pathetic private investigator read by Buscemi trying to correct his psychological hearing loss by visiting a shrink--a shrink he cannot hear! In Martin's world, a Mars probe reveals that the red planet is home to some 27 3-month-old kittens: "Modern kitten theory suggests several explanations for the kittens' existence on Mars.


The first, put forward by Dr. Patricia Krieger of the Hey You Bub Institute, suggests that kittens occur both everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. In other words, we see evidence of kitten existence, but measuring their behavior is another matter. Just when the scientists point their instruments in a kitten's direction it is gone, only to be found later in another place, perhaps at the top of drapes.

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They fall flat, though, when Martin aims to make bigger statements, as when he stages an argument between Lucy and Ricky loosely disguised as Hillary and Bill over whether or not oral sex constitutes adultery. And one of the pieces here is just plain obtuse.

In it, Michael Jackson's face has lunch with Walter Matthau's face.