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Christmas: Kitty Castle Series.

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Mrs. Kaputnik’s Pool Hall and Matzo Ball Emporium

Separated from their father, 6-year-old Paul and year-old Oscar must care for their increasingly sick mother, all while trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy amid the horrors of the camp. In the spring of , the boys see British planes flying over the camp, which ignites a spark of hope that the war will soon end.

But then they are forced onto a dark, stinking boxcar by the Nazi guards. After four days on the train, the boys are convinced they will be killed, but through a twist of fate, the train is discovered by a battalion of American soldiers marching through Germany. The book concludes when Paul, now a grown man living in Canada, stumbles upon photographs on the internet of his train being liberated. After writing to the man who posted the pictures, Paul is presented with an opportunity to meet his rescuers — and fellow survivors — at a reunion in New York.

In Fukushima, Arato does an admirable job explaining the complicated workings of a nuclear plant and what went wrong. The book will draw readers in right away, opening with an amazing photo of a boat stuck on top of a building. Maps, pictures, and side boxes complement each volume. The writing is as clear as it can be, given the complex subjects—Fukushima is especially challenging to understand. What hits home here are the incredibly powerful forces of nature, met with the equally powerful force of human resilience. These are solid works, ideal for reports and browsing.

Ice Cream Town is a pleasurable, inspiring read with historical value. Treat yourself to a visit to the wackiest restaurant ever! Children will enjoy the crazy happenings. What better way for a young reader to truly understand another time than to get an intimate look at the daily life of another child? The author skillfully weaves a wealth of historical information into each story, painting a detailed picture of daily life and the social context of the time.

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