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We are mournful of Mr. Knowing he was dying, Morrie visited with Mitch in his study every Tuesday, just as they did back in college. Their rekindled relationship turned into one final lesson on how to live. July Story of the Month. This groundbreaking book teaches readers how to choose optimism—thereby gaining an essential new freedom to build a life of real rewards and lasting fulfillment.

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Who overcomes adversity and who gives up? Back Cover: "Could you crawl down the side of a mountain with a broken neck? Or drift over the ocean on a raft for two months? Or cut off your own arm to free yourself froma rocky prison? Read about people who did these things and lived to tell about it. Colorful pictures and graphics, short glossary and references. We can do amazing things—collectively and individually. This small book gleans wisdom from the ordinary and extraordinary, offering simple reminders of powerful actions that produce resilient results.

This book can be customized and delivered in bulk for the employees in your company. Contact Eileen McDargh. Jam-packed with exercises, tools, and insights,this practical guide restores inner peace and clarity. Trisha Meili has lived two lives. In the spirit of true survivorship, she looks at her story of surviving a traumatic brain injury as one about something she did, rather than something that was done to her.

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Looking for rainbows through those stormy times, Joanne found her way through grief and depression to inner peace.

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She relates her insights in practical ways to help the reader through times of struggle. Dave Pendlum was born with a cleft palate and cleft lip and received little medical care until his mid-teens. As a result, he spent many years adopting a victim complex. At the age of 30, he finally listened to a friend who convinced him he was living in the past. He took the conversation as a wake-up call and began to develop a process to face his wounds, heal them and take control of his life. In this book, he presents techniques for taking personal responsibility, overcoming self-sabotage and reclaiming the balance necessary to lead a happier, healthier life.

Drawn from personal experience, Maxine Schnall provides a system of beliefs and practical exercises to help you most effectively navigate the winding path from loss to regeneration. Check the section on "Hidden Gifts" starting on page 42 for some good insights.

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Written as a journal, this story relates the great courage and wisdom gained as Laurie Nadel learns to wind surf using Zen, balance and the lessons she was able to apply to her life. Rewrite the rulebook in business and life.

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Understand and embrace the strengths and weaknesses that every woman possesses. Order from Chewah Publishing. Case studies, from the employees perspective, which point out the classic conflict between labor and management. Offers analysis and options about what changes should be made. A must read for anyone suffering from a toxic work environment. Survivors of Suicide Rita Robinson. Aimed at those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Provides words of comfort, gives the latest medical research on depression and suicide, and includes a directory of resources. Written with Peter Kizilos, her memoir is an inspirational chronicle of personal tragedy surmounted by raw courage.

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My grateful journey back from the hijacking of EgyptAir Flight 648

Because We Care - Shipped from Canada. Seller Inventory RM. Book Description Hazelden. She felt safe. She remembers thinking to herself "nobody can hurt me.

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The hijackers can do whatever they want to my body, but I'm going to still feel safe. Jackie stood at the top of the stairs and waited. She felt the explosion of the pistol hit the back of her head and felt an awful pressure in her ears. She says it felt as if a massive charge of electricity surged though her skull. Feeling no pain, she tumbled and floated down the stairs in a slow motion haze. When she stopped tumbling she was amazed to find that she was still conscious.

She was face down on the runway at the bottom of the stairs. She opened her eyes. Her face was hidden under her arm. How can this be? Whatever you do, don't move. Remember what happened to the Israeli woman. Don't look up. Play dead. Keep calm. Keep perfectly still. Jackie made herself lay without moving for five hours to avoid being shot again.

Everyone thought she was dead, even the ambulance crew that came to remove the bodies. Two men dragged her body about thirty feet and threw her onto a metal bench in the ambulance.

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Jackie didn't know who they were. She wondered if they might be more hijackers. She decided to take a risk. They were astonished when a woman they thought was dead suddenly asked "Are you the good guys or the bad guys? The ambulance raced Jackie to the only hospital on Malta equipped for brain surgery. Jackie learned later that the hijackers made their own bullets. The one shot at her had a low charge of powder. The bullet shattered the back of her skull and lodged in her brain on the right side.