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In two parts, it includes at present 14 chapters on U. A chapter on the laws of Colombia was recently added, and a chapter on the laws of Venezuela is in preparation this year.

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Also available from the publisher in CD Rom format. Many sections have been completely revised. The book covers every aspect of retirement benefits that estate planning professionals need to know. Case studies, forms and tables complete this page book.

Living Trusts, 3rd Edition

It includes sections on life insurance, Medicaid trusts, planning for incapacity, and estate planning for gay and lesbian testators. Chapters are logically organized to lead you through the essential states of developing your specialty practice and include practical advice for everything from organizing estate planning and trust administration files. It should be useful for practitioners looking for a better understanding of practice areas they deal with occasionally but not every day, and for helping more experienced practitioners to explain complicated legal issues to their clients.

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Topics covered include Medicaid planning, advance directives and patient autonomy, estate planning, guardianship and conservatorship, and public benefits programs generally. Ethical issues common to the elder law practice are highlighted, as are helpful observations about managing an elder law practice and catering to an elderly clientele. The volume is updated annually. It focuses on case law interpretation and statutory emphasis. Silver Spoon Kids addresses the how and the equally important why of instilling in your family a healthy relationship with money.

The book is designed to be a quick easy read, and a value added desk reference guide for attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, life insurance agents, and trust officers who are not experts in special needs planning, but who desire or need to learn about special needs planning and its related issues. The book will provide the professional advisor with a basic overview of estate and financial planning techniques for a family with a special needs loved one, which, as the book points out, could be just about any family these days.

Most importantly, the book includes a first of its kind — a chapter devoted to a comprehensive discussion on how to fix a broken or damaged ILIT! The excellent organization and clearly written text assure quick and reliable answers to critical issues. Henkel, Glenn A.

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This book will help attorneys, accountants, trust officers, financial planners, professors, students, and individual taxpayers better understand retirement plans, IRAs, and the rules governing distributions from those plans. Discussions cover the relevant federal tax law, federal substantive law, state statutes and common law, and the preemption of state law by ERISA.

The book also includes discussions of nonqualified retirement plans, prohibited transactions, and social security. Estate Planning for Retirement illustrates the law in a straightforward fashion using charts, case studies, and forms. It also includes a wealth of examples, practice pointers, comparison tables, and lists of frequently asked questions—with answers! Learn about efficient computer usage, computational and drafting software and finding information and resources on the internet.

This book with accompanying CDRom includes numerous and detailed reviews of software and web-based applications needed in the trusts and estates practice, as well as information and checklists to help you evaluate such packages. It includes a detailed discussion of the basic estate planning tools and principles.

Includes relevant state law, tax law, research aids, and the necessary forms; combined with practical analysis and planning strategies. Includes sample forms and practice aids. It includes a thorough discussion of the law, checklists, instructions, forms, letters, and supporting appendices. This comprehensive guide provides in-depth analysis of all facets of these planning vehicles [including] basic principles of drafting, how and when to form and fund an FLP or LLC, and the fundamental principles used in valuing FLP and LLC interests that are to be transferred.

It gives them the communication and coping skills to get through crises, such as a leadership transition. Shows that business families are not alone in their struggle, and that they can not only survive, but prosper. Or worse, that money will corrupt them. Money may be the last taboo topic for family discussion. Few families talk productively about what money means -- about what money can buy and what it cannot.

Provides wealthy parents with a vehicle to examine fundamental issues about money and their children. The family is prominent and powerful, closely joined at the wallet, but estranged. The business press is replete with stories about internal strife in prominent business families. Largely unreported is the quiet good news about business families who manage their differences. The struggle of this family to keep family and business together is quite typical.

This book provides practice-oriented detail and includes a wellannotated collection of forms that will appeal to many experienced estate planners. Originally published in , the treatise is updated with an annual supplement. Wills, Trusts and Estates for the D.

This treatise includes a wide variety of clauses that are basic forms for a will and collateral disposition and management matters. The clauses are divided by category and are followed by extensive commentary and detailed annotations with the specific characteristics of the local law on that subject.

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From grant-making to investment management, accounting procedures to tax filings, and funding the foundation to protecting it from liability, this handbook provides coverage of all the issues a family foundation faces. This valuable resource provides forms, checklists, questionnaires, training forms, and other items to help provide the professional assistance every foundation needs.

This new treatise will provide everything you need to successfully prepare for and litigate an estate matter. The final chapter includes several estate planning documents, with annotations explaining how the author has incorporated the suggestions in this book to create clearer, more concise legal documents— and ones that still meet the needs of clients, other attorneys, and the courts.

Includes discussion of tax considerations and the challenges involved in funding living trusts with both real and personal property. Also featured are critical, but often neglected, issues such as homestead considerations and handling of assets acquired in community property jurisdictions.

Revocable Living Trusts Explained by Estate Planning Attorney

Features chapters on appeals, jury trials, and tortious interference considerations. This multivolume set provides comprehensive coverage of domestic and international asset protection strategies. Shows how to handle the asset protection law of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, including exemptions from creditors, joint and marital property planning, gifts, trusts, disclaimers, protection of retirement plans, and limited liability entities. Compares the financial, professional, political, and legal characteristics of over 20 major financial offshore jurisdictions.

Analyzes and handles the tax issues and reporting requirements involved in offshore arrangements. Estate Planning Aspen Publishers, 6th ed.

Wills and Trusts - General Information - ILS

Written especially for the practitioner, Jeffrey Pennell and Alan Newman clearly explain the rules, policies, and terminology of wealth transfers and show you step-by-step how to put them into practice. Providing theoretical grounding and a practice-oriented approach, Price shows how to handle the full range of estate planning problems and techniques. Helpful practice tools include numerous real-life examples illustrating application of principles, ready-to-adapt forms, and checklists.

Aimed at an audience from beginners to the reasonably advanced. Addresses organization, nomenclature, style, internal logic, tax requirements, local law issues, conflicts, fees and commissions, powers, choosing between wills and revocable trusts, special purpose trusts, powers of attorney, health care proxies, living wills, safeguarding documents and reality checks. Westlaw Edge Introducing the most intelligent legal research service ever. Artificial intelligence See how legal AI can help you work faster and strengthen your practice.

Author s : George G. Amy Morris Hess.

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Product details: Format: Book - hardbound. Can we help? Bogert Trusts and Trustees, rev.