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  • Industrial Retardation in the Netherlands 1830–1850.
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Bryn and G. Einarsson eds. Jones, A. Menon and S. Weatherill eds. The explanations advanced frequently hinge on those supply and demand factors, perceptible during the growth period itself, which may have helped or hindered economic progress. The problem which arises with this approach is whether those forces attributed with having pulled a country forward were the same as those which, in their absence, had held it back. In these circumstances it would be quite wrong to attribute lack of earlier development to the absence of international demand.

This was my initial reason for choosing to research into the industrial development in the Netherlands in the first half of the nineteenth century: that it was an interval in economic history usually interpreted as one of stagnation, of missed opportunities and even of economic decline. Product Details Table of Contents. Table of Contents 1.

Dutch Industrial Performance in a European Context. Economic Development in the Netherlands.

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