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We must be what I call "integrative leaders. I am reminded of the story of Ruth Shaw, the first woman to head a U. When she was tapped for the top job, she was baffled. She knew she didn't have a deep specialization in a particular competency such as marketing, human resources, business law, or operations. The chairman told her, "I have accountants, lawyers, and salespeople. I need someone who can connect the dots.

But connecting the dots between a company and the outside world may be as important to the world as it is to the company.

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Do you think, for example, in August , I had any idea that a small group of people living in caves in Afghanistan could bring my business to its knees? I did not. And then there was September Do you think that throughout my education I ever thought it might be useful to take a course in engineering?

And then there was Six Sigma Do you think I could imagine the need to give speeches in defense of business as a morally upstanding way to earn a living? And then there was Enron. In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, business leaders must pause and contemplate the way our businesses can best interact with the nonprofit and public sectors. It's not unlike the way the ancients looked at the skies: some just saw stars, but others saw the patterns of dogs, bears, goddesses, and hunters. They connected the dots, and we'll never again see the sky in the same way.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Our family always went to church on Sunday, and because I was in the seventh grade, I attended Sunday school classes instead of the main service. One day, after a particularly chaotic class with flying spitballs and little or no order, I announced to my parents on the ride home that I was quitting Sunday school and from then on would be going to the main sanctuary with the adults. Instead of praising my maturity, as I thought he would, my dad pulled off the highway, turned around, and said, "You what?

My mother tried to intercede and for her trouble was given the job of setting up a meeting with the Sunday school superintendent so that I could present my ideas for fixing things. When the day came, she drove me downtown to the big meeting. I was nervous, to say the least.

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But the superintendent was pleased to hear my ideas, and together we "fixed" Sunday school. From that early lesson I learned that if something needs to change in our homes, schools, workplaces, or churches, it's up to us to change it rather than wait for "they" or "them" or someone else to do it. Part of my college career was spent studying international economics and political science at the Institute des Hautes Etudes Economiques et Politiques in Geneva, Switzerland.

Away from home in that stimulating setting, I was filled with confidence and idealism. I learned a great deal that year, but one lesson in particular has served me well throughout my business career. One day, my professor asked a classmate and me to debate two sides of an economic philosophy in front of a very large audience and in French, no less.

I painstakingly translated my points and rehearsed until I could recite my side of the argument fluently. On the day of the debate, I laid out a compelling case, illuminated by my personal belief. At the end of my energetic and colorful presentation, the audience applauded wildly.

How We Lead Matters: Reflections of a Life of Leadership

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