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As long as you attribute the data sets to the source, publish your adapted database with ODbL license, and keep the dataset open don't use technical measures such as DRM to restrict access to the database. The datasets are also available as weekly exports. NL EN. More from Alexander Yu Grosberg A. More about Basic Sciences.

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Mon 23 Sep closed deels verhuisd naar S5 ; mail naar webib ugent. We owe a lot of thanks to those who now make this music accessible?? Pierre-Gilles de GennesNobel Prize laureate in Physics Foreword for the 1st Edition, March This book describes the basic facts, concepts and ideas of polymer physics in simple, yet scientifically accurate, terms.

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Giant Molecules: Here, There, and Everywhere

In both scientific and historic contexts, the book shows how the subject of polymers is fascinating, as it is behind most of the wonders of living cell machinery as well as most of the newly developed materials. No mathematics is used in the book beyond modest high school algebra and a bit of freshman calculus, yet very sophisticated concepts are introduced and explained, ranging from scaling and reptations to protein folding and evolution.

The new edition includes an extended section on polymer preparation methods, discusses knots formed by molecular filaments, and presents new and updated materials on such contemporary topics as single molecule experiments with DNA or polymer properties of proteins and their roles in biological evolution. List of Suggested Further Reading.