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Is it coding something? Is it representing something that the next neuron cares about? Does it make the next neuron do something different? The two were able to identify that electrical spikes represent memory development by studying a rabbit with its brain implanted with electrodes. They then implemented those equations into computer chips. Following this, they began assessing if these chips could be implanted into brains to replace a damaged hippocampus.

They began training them, recording the impulses and turning these into a mathematical code, drugging the animals to make them forget what they learned, and via the chip, introduced the codes, and were once again able to do the things they learned before they were drugged.

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Berger and his team hopes that in the next two years, they would be able to implant the chips inside the brains of the animals and in the future, use this technology to help people with damaged hippocampus regain their memories. Keeping the quality high requires the support of sponsors who are aligned with our vision of ad-free journalism content. Huawei launches new Android-powered flagship phones without Google apps. Future tech: Implantable brain chips could help unlock memories.

Cookies We employ the use of cookies. There is no need to maintain public key certificates and to communicate preliminarily to get public keys.

Therefore, the PKG is asked for complete trust which is difficult to find in many realistic scenarios. In this paper, we propose an encryption scheme which encrypts a message doubly. By using our scheme, the decryption right is distributed to three servers, and the only receiver can decrypt ciphertext. Moreover, on looking at the connected car paradigm that enables interaction between both in-vehicle services as well as devices, and services with outside ones, VANETs will have to inherit security risks of conventional information technologies IT systems.

This makes it necessary to resort to approaches providing supports and services that are capable to tackle the resulting wide range of security risks. Mostly the focus has been on data security, relying on cryptographic centric tools in order to ensure privacy, anonymity, and data security. Contrary to this, we propose an approach that aims to proactively address issues beyond data security that could hinder VANETs to become a reality if not properly faced.

Although inspired by honeypots used in wired networks, it differs because of the need for tools and methods that should be sufficiently efficient and flexible to ensure context-awareness of security measures. We developed a new customized software tool for automatically generating a complete html program based on the values or parameters inputted by the user. We illustrate how it can be used by building a web-based system for a company. We not only offer them this web-based system but also give them this DWL tool which can be used to change the settings to modify it as their requirements change in the future.

In the field of architecture, circulation refers to the way people move through and interact with a building.

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These behaviors can be deemed as the task-oriented works, which are less discussed comparing to the path planning algorithm. The task-oriented circulation planning may involve the dynamic allocation, demands, and resources, which may be more complex than the exists path problems.

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In this study, a task-oriented planning of circulation planning is proposed, which is modified and based on the Minimal Spanning Tree algorithm. Properties include circulation, turning points and exit points are involved in planning the optimal solutions based on different kinds of tasks. The proposed application can also be used to optimize the deployment of different commodities.

The framework is suitable for choosing appropriate technique for application in a particular task of data mining. The paper has set the stage for further research work. Especially when applying recommendation systems in business, customers ask for more suggestions about purchasing products or services because the tremendous amount of information available can be overwhelming. Therefore, we have to gather more preferences from recommenders and aggregate them to gain consensuses.

This shows the ranking relationship between items. However, no studies, to the best of our knowledge, have ever developed a recommendation system to suggest a temporal relationship between items. This type of recommendation can be applied to the reading order of books, course plans in colleges, or the order of taking medicine for patients. In this study, we propose a novel recommendation model to discover closed consensus temporal patterns, where closed means that the patterns are only the maximum consensus sequences. Social tagging system is applied widely in Web 2.

And tag clustering is an important research topic in personalized recommendation of social tagging systems. This paper presents a personalized recommendation method based on tag clustering. In this method, tag clustering is realized by calculating the tag similarity, and recommendation is made based on tag clustering results. Experiments using CiteULike data sets show, proposed method can optimize ranking of objective resources, and help users to discover new resources easier. In this work, a new indexing technique of data streams called BSTree is proposed.

This technique uses the method of data discretization, SAX [4], to reduce online the dimensionality of data streams. It draws on Btree to build the index and finally uses an LRV least recently visited pruning technique to rid the index structure from data whose last visit time exceeds a threshold value and thus minimizes response time for similarity search queries. Intelligent tutoring has started to, and will play an important role in education and training. A challenging task in building an intelligent tutoring system ITS is to create and maintain an optimal teaching strategy.

In this paper, we present a new technique for addressing this challenge. We cast an intelligent tutoring system as a Markov decision process MDP , and apply a reinforcement learning RL algorithm to learn the optimal teaching strategy through interactions between the system and students. Playing game in a computer is always fascinating and entertaining. But playing against a computer player is much more fun and challenging than a human player.

We have proposed a simple algorithm for playing a repeated game named Alquerque in this paper.

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We show that by following this algorithm it is proved that the game playing strategy tends to minimum loss and maximum win against the human. Our analysis is the evidence of minimax search theorem and well-chosen combination of probability for solving this game. In this paper we have developed an intelligent computer player successfully that uses min-max search technique, strategy utility function which leads to win and draw in the worst scenario for playing the ancient game Alquerque.

Rendering of natural scenes has been widely discussed by many researchers for a long time due to its numerous applications. But still the main challenge is complexity in geometry and memory unavailability in current hardware platforms. Natural scenes from real world contain a huge number of small details that are hard to model, take a lot of time to render and require a huge amount of memory.

We address this problem by following the principle of self similarity or fractal geometry in the natural scenes. For evaluating the feasibility of fractal based image rendering in different dimensions, we have first considered the 2D structure, Mandelbrot set that has gained wide recognition both in mathematical and graphical domains because of its appeal and complex structure.

In our work, we have examined the serial algorithm of this set and devised a parallel algorithm for the implementation on a massive parallel graphics processing unit GPU using the computer unified device architecture CUDA programming model. We have also extended our approach from 2D structure like Mandelbrot set to 3D real world example of terrain rendering. Performance is evaluated in terms of execution time and observed that a parallel implementation of the method on a GeForce GTS GPU is on an average 2X times faster than its sequential implementation. Today, we can easily find game arts on media facade using a huge screen.

There are many issues media artists should consider, such as publicity, theory of games, characteristics of the audience, spatiality, and etc. We will examine the impact of media facade work on the convergence of games and game characteristics with large-screen public art.

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This research and review will contribute for artists to make a large screen based media facade game that attract public efficiently. As English is the universal language used by international society with immense interest, we ought to seek for more effective teaching method. One way to reach such goal is to utilize a physical interactive game in teaching English. A physical interactive game encourages the spontaneous activity in learning without the psychological burden while promoting interest in English and basic usage of English.

Also, we will create a physical interactive game environment high in user interaction with the content and apply such method to introduce prototype of English learning game. Detecting Sybil identities is important to operate a distributed system without losing its openness property. Recently, OSN Online Social Network based Sybil detection methods are proposed and an individual node can determine whether other nodes are Sybil or not.

However, since the probabilistic properties of the previous methods, single verifier based Sybil detection may suffer from the wide variance in the performance of detecting Sybil nodes. In this paper, multi-verifier based Sybil detection method is proposed to mitigate the variance.

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The proposed method selects honest verifiers from a social network graph where honest and Sybil nodes are mixed. Then, the method determines whether a node is Sybil or not by comparing the likelihood of acceptance of the node and a given threshold. Through the extensive evaluation with the real-world social network sample graph, the proposed multi-verifier based Sybil detection outperforms the single verifier based Sybil detection in both aspects of accepting honest nodes and suppressing Sybil nodes. Twitter has made a big impact on the social environment especially when it comes to young adults that it has become decisively addictive.

The objective of this paper was to examine the impact on the addictive usage of Twitter among undergraduates. Future studies should assess on the advantages and disadvantages that government agencies or phone service providers may gain based on the findings. Recently the interest in biometrics rises; voice recognition is highlighted in point that it does not restrict convenience, place and time of its use and is under the development by many organizations. This paper recommends the voice lock that provides the safety and the convenience in the use of smart-phone by utilizing the voice recognition technique and materializes its prototype.

Also, it analyzes the current issues and discusses the use case scenario, etc. RBAC model supports the principle of least privilege by the appropriate combination of roles assigned to users. However, the minimum role set is hard to find.

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Role hierarchy and inheritance can result in aggregating lots of permissions. To solve this problem, previous work mainly studies the approximate least privilege set by trying to find the minime role sets. However, to reduce the unnecessary privileges is another key issue to solve the problem.

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To this aim, the concept of task is taken as a kind of constraints introduced to the RBAC model, which contains four constraint rules that can flexibly control the permission inheritance and role activations. An example is showed the four rules can effectively be used to reduce redundanct permissions.