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Although I do not limit my interest in formal methods to VDM, I do still try to stay abreast of such research and provide pointers to source material. Although I now spend most of my time doing research, I happen to love teaching. Apart from the occasional "guest" lecture on other courses, my main commitment at the moment is to CSC Understanding Programming Languages. Strata now incldudes Alan Burns ' team at York. Recent news We have been awarded a three-year Leverhulme grant on Separation and Interference: learning from the history of concurrency.

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We have set the start date as November Troy Astarte has submitted his PhD on the History of Language Semantics and has had his "viva" - his thesis will be available on-line after minor corrections have been made. The start date will be May and run for three years.


Two related papers on Concurrency project are: Reasoning about Separation Using Abstraction and Reification and Possible values: Exploring a concept for concurrency All news. Concurrency Designing concurrent systems. A useful summary of the original concept Cliff B. One source reference Cliff B. Jones, Tentative steps toward a development method for interfering programs , History of formal methods I have a strong interest in -and commitment to- recording the history of our subject.

Dependable Infrastructures Planning future infrastructures. National infrastructure assessment: Analysis of options for infrastructure provision in Great Britain , Our involement AI4FM Learning proof strategies from experts. Tool Support for formal methods A Schloss Dagstuhl event that we organised on related topics recent VSTTE paper Also: mural - an earlier project that created a theorem proving assistant.

LPF Logic of partial functions. Cliff B. Jones, Matthew J. Lovert, L. All done! After spending quite some time on writing the thesis, I have successfully completed my PhD studies in June The thesis, a lengthy pages of PDF, contains a lot of ideas, descriptions and justifications on capturing interactive proof process to facilitate extraction of reusable proof strategies as well as for other uses.

The thesis is titled Capturing Proof Process and is available in the publications list.

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The tools described in this thesis — the ProofProcess framework — are available on GitHub. Time permitting, I am hoping to continue improving the tools and update them to the most recent versions of the supported theorem provers. The integration uses common Eclipse components to provide theory editing, mathematical symbols, completion assistance, cross-referencing, prover output and other features.

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By building on Eclipse it inherits various IDE goodies out of the box. Also, check out the list of closed issues to see what has been implemented and fixed in this release.

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Also make sure you are using Java 7 and Isabelle Continue Reading I have decided to dust off and finally release some projects that occupied some of my time in the past but then got forgotten or postponed somehow… The first of these is a new skin for Apache Maven site : Reflow Maven skin. The new skin allows generating a Maven site that builds on Bootstrap and offers responsive design, modern web components, JavaScript goodies and wide customisation options.

See it in action and read the documentation at Reflow skin website:.

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Furthermore, the plug-ins can be released as a standalone application that may resemble Eclipse IDE with custom branding and a streamlined selection of features, geared for a specific task.