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Insofar as these institutions are indeed oligarchic they reproduce class divisions and are thus at odds with the socialist attempt to build a classless society. Dean suggests oligarchy is a consequence of the clear need for political leadership. Yet critiques of Leninism do not presuppose a lack of such leaders, nor do they question the need for delegated responsibility.

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Rather, their anti-authoritarian call for a classless society works to distinguish between popular empowerment—spurred on, certainly, by exemplary individuals—and the maneuverings of aspiring rulers. Since she is unwilling to draw such a distinction, Dean remains blind to longstanding efforts to oppose the more or less authoritarian rule of a party with popular initiatives promoting a classless social order—i. At one point Dean goes so far as to deem the question of state power—around which much socialist theory orbits—a non-issue in the face of Left impotence:.

To worry about our seizing the state, then, is a joke, fantasy, and distraction from the task at hand. Rather than a concentration of political will, communist possibility remains diffuse, dispersed in the multitudinous politics of issues, identities, and moments of action that have yet to consolidate in the collective power of the divided people.

What matters for us here and now is the galvanization of such a communist will.

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Both Leninists and political parties more generally are and always have been concerned with securing maximally exclusive control over the state apparatus. Dean hopes to exert influence on Leftist strategy by calling for the growth of a Leninist Party, a Party built with the hope of seizing state power.

Her inclination to avoid or summarily dismiss longstanding and legitimate critiques of such a project is thus irresponsible. Should we call for cops with more mental health training and body cameras, or should we work to disempower, disarm, and ultimately disband murderous police departments? Dean a; b.

On Collectives, Communicative Capitalism, and Suspension of the Individual Ego

Ideals of access, inclusion, discussion and participation come to be realized in and through expansions, intensifications and interconnections of global telecommunications. Dean Crowds and Parties, 4, Dean Crowds and Parties, Dean Crowds and Parties, 26, 4. Dean Crowds and Parties, , Writings from many left wing critics of both Lenin and the Leninist tradition are also freely available online.

These texts span more or less the entirety of the 20th century, from Rosa Luxemburg and Anton Pannekoek to Noam Chomsky. Dean Crowds and Parties, 5. The South American tradition of especifismo is one example.

Crowds Party by Jodi Dean, First Edition

If oligarchy is inevitable and the Leninist Party or Party-state has the general interest at heart, then an attack on the Party is an attack on the people as a whole. A senior journalist and the writer and founder of Yallamma Writing Company, Jurmi Chhowing, said the crowd says nothing in terms of preference as all four parties drew an equal number.

But for democratic participation it says a lot. This is also because of the strength and show of the two newer parties. In a democratic set-up, the more the merrier and this will impact how it all plays out.

“Crowds and Party," a talk by Jodi Dean

Further, he said the attendance at the political rallies is not forced, but voluntary; therefore, the parties feel that people they are seeing are likely to turn out as voters for parties convening the rallies. Some attend all conventions just to show their faces to the party heads and appease them.

Some attend more than one convention in order to gauge each party. And while the crowd does give some sense of confidence, former National Council member Jigme Rinzin, now a candidate of Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party contesting from Nanong-Shumar constituency in Pemagatshel, said it cannot be taken into as count of votes.

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Another former journalist Samten Yeshi attributed the increasing crowd in every party meeting to improved understanding of democracy among the voters. Our people have learned and matured over the last two terms. Going by Facebook post and if crowd and number of people attending the convention are any indication then we already know the answer.

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