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Neiman said he was not interested in preserving a piece of land for 30 years. Neiman asked Dr.

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Sanjayan: ''How do you know you're having an impact? Why should I donate millions of dollars and time if it isn't possible to reach this goal? Sanjayan said. He told Mr. Neiman he did not have an answer. But maybe with Mr.

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Neiman's help they could find a way to begin answering the question of whether conservation groups were conserving what they said they were over the long run. Neiman agreed to help underwrite the effort. He has watched high-tech start-ups grapple with finding the right measurements for their business performances in recent years.

Measuring results is crucial for honest reporting of financial results, he said, but it is even more vital for management and learning. Neiman has given the Nature Conservancy about half a million dollars for the auditing project.

Conservation of Energy

The new auditing has been tested at two sites, the Cosumnes River Preserve in California, home to sandhill cranes and salmon on the Sierra Nevada's last wild river, which is increasingly hemmed in by suburbs and vineyards; and Komodo National Park in Indonesia, home of the famous Komodo dragons, as well as coral reefs threatened by fishermen who use cyanide and crude bombs to stun fish.

The audits examine detailed site conservation plans and strategies for countering threats at each site, as well as monitoring threatened species and determining whether managers have the resources to carry out their plans. Both audits showed progress was being made toward conserving what the projects set out to save, but the projects had a long way to go to be truly sustainable, especially in Komodo National Park. The conservancy is now road-testing the method by auditing projects across the organization, which has more than 1, preserves in 50 states and 28 other countries.

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  • In the long term, Dr. Sanjayan and Mr.

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    If government agencies adopt the methods, it may have an even greater effect. Conservative force. Info Print Cite.

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    See Article History. You can learn more about this topic in the related articles below. Read More on This Topic. The inverse square laws of gravitation and electrostatics are examples of central forces where the force exerted by one particle on another….

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    Zimbabwe is one of them. Other concerned voices in Zimbabwe are worried about their own safety if they dare speak out against the authorities. The sentiment is that the capture is being driven from the Presidents Office and that anyone inside Zimbabwe cannot criticize the process without losing their livelihoods, if not their lives. Unsurprisingly, elephants have a major impact on the environment. Previous Article The great emptiness is upon us.